3rd Semester VCD Student's - Final Tasks

Yesterday my grades were finally out, and..

Well, it was like, somebody has just slapped me in the face.

I knew I was being lazier every semester, but I never ever thought that my grades will be this low. Two Cs? Like, am I that lazy? Or maybe I'm too focused on the subjects that suits me better, the one with a lot of practical lessons instead of theories. I've never been that good on theoretical subjects, somehow I just need a lot, like, really, lot time to remember some of those shits-ehem-theories.
Well, regrets always come late. But I know this is a real lesson for me, and I'd swore to myself, if I can't bring my grades up next semester, maybe I'd better be going out from college :\

Okay, so I wanted to tell you about my final task from my most favorite subject, Desain Komunikasi Visual 1, or as you know, Visual Communication Design 1, or VCD 1.
The task is about making a brochure or pamphlet for a place. They offer many options, such as Water parks, Museums, Theme park, or Amusement Park, Zoo, Malls, or other entertainment places.
I chose Amusement Park near my home, considered the fact that it's so close from my house so it will be easier for me to do the surveys. The park called - Taman Remaja Surabaya (THR), or maybe in english, Surabaya Teen's Park - so strange :\
Well a week before we've given this task, the lecturers had asked us to re-draw (by hand) a map of that place, and so when the next task, about making its brochure, the map must be inserted inside it.

Me and my friends, so lucky because we had the same place, they also did THR -White and Wulan from Bootsydoopsy- did some survey. Like, take some photos for our brochure information. Long story short, here it is. And let me know about what do you think of them. Critics always are the best teachers to learn.

Front view
Full Front & Inside view

And also, here is my final project in Computer Graphic subject. The task is about making an infographic about yourself. Google what infographic is! ;) The hardest part is to trace my face into a vector object. I.. had to be very, very patient. Ugh.

Final! :)

So tell me, what do you think about it?
I'd like to hear from you all! ;)

Thanks for reading! :)

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