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Hey there! ;)
I'm thinking that maybe time flew twice as fast on this new year, because this is the end of January already! Oh my, like, tick tock tick tock. And my holiday will be over in *plus minus* two weeks?? What have I done to pass all those time, really?

Lately I've been this maniac into cooking, somehow besides sketching and designing, I feel a place that I am really myself. Or maybe is it just a matter of age? Ha ha ;p who knows? I always think that someday all of girls will slowly turn their heart on kitchen matters, late or not. They're our duty, however, to become a housewife.

Well, I love challenges. I have tried many experiments.. Some ended successfully and some were just another lessons. So far, the recipes I have tried by myself are Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes, Mushroom Cream Soup, Spaghetti Bolognaise, The Devil's Food Cupcake, and Macaroni Cheese Pie. The last one is everyone's favorite! Even my youngest brother told me that it was on his list for 'My-most-lovable-foods'. *He's still 10 :p*
The sad part is, I still don't have an SLR yet, so I couldn't took all the photos of those beauties. I wanna be like all those people who made something and did a photography session with that. Well, I like that thingy. It's so hard to ignore such a lovely food! SLR SLR come to momma faster..

Yesterday after I made another one recipe Macaraoni Cheese Pie, I found my dream web about this kitchen stuffs. It's called Brown Eyed Baker, for you who are dying for sweets and treats and foods, you should check her web here. I love Martha Stewart too, but I love BEB more. And the best part is she also did this super lovable photograph with all of her food! I actually dropped my jaw everytime I looked at her recipe pages. I want them all! SERIOUSLY, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THESE??

Now I've saved many recipes to try on later, but whyyyy the ingredients are always so expensive! Sometimes there are some ingredients that even can't be found here, and I have to look for the subtitues or the DIY-at-home version. Also, the measurements for the recipes are usually by US or something international. For exp, they uses cups instead of grams. And it is so frustating because each ingredient have a different cups measurements and I'm like what-I-supposed-to-do-with-this-dutch-processed-cocoa-powder-and-this-red-gel-liquid-or-not-food-paste and so on. Yeeeaaaah. Even though it's hard sometimes, I still enjoy them, like a little kid opens their favorite bedtime story books. They never bored. So do I. Learn takes time, right? ;)

What about you? Do you like to bake too? 
Let me know about it! :D

Thanks for reading!
Irene :)

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