'The Side of Me Nobody Knows'

Tonight I spent my free time wandering through blog-sphere where suddenly I came into this:

Call me a child or whatever, I love such games! Especially when I'm playing with my friends, tease one girl/guy while we have evil smirk on all of our faces - hahahahaha. Forgive me but, I just can't resist to tease people. *Sometimes* Actually, who don't? :D 
Okay, okay, I'll just start the game now.

Today's topic:
Friday January, 10:  “The Side of Me Nobody Knows” – write down 2 or 3 secrets that no one knows about. Mix it up and write two secrets and a lie and make your followers guess the lie!

Oooh this is going to be fun. *smirk

I once had a tattoo on my left wrist. A typography one, in french language.

When I was five, my lifetime wish is to be Princess Ariel on The Little Mermaid.

I accidentally confessed to my first love on 7th grade and got rejected right away. *cry

Okay. Now, WHICH ONE IS A LIE? ;)
Just guess and I'll tell the truth on my next post. Hahaha.
For you who want to participate in this game, click here for the complete guide :p

Thanks for reading!
- Irene


Seconds Past Twentyfourteen.

Heyho. This is another thoughtful post. I hope you don't get boring because of my babbling. *;)
As you know we've only past seconds away from 2013! Another year has passed.
How do you feel, fellas? Is it a good year? Or no? But I always believe that everything happened for a good reason. No, our Father in heaven put everything right there for a reason :) Okay, now I feel wise. Or maybe feeling older all of sudden...

In this special post, I want to say that 
Firstly, Father in heaven, I know I'm not a good child. I had times when I'm too selfish to think that you've abandoned me. Like I'm lack of blessing because of my fam's problem. And this and that. I always say 'please' more than 'thank You' in all my prayers. But wow, You never fail to amaze me. You make me realized that little by little, you've walked the path of my life with me, even carry me sometimes in my worst days. Thank You for this beautiful life you give me, and sorry for not grateful enough for it.

Second, to the boy who can stay this long with me. I've been a brat, very-spoiled brat, and sometimes do stupid things that always make you sad.. It broke my heart, you know.. To make someone who's closest to you sad. Just sorry. Thank you for always forgive me. Thank you for teaching me a lot of things and to stay be my side until now. And mostly thanks for countless big smile you put on my face. I love you even moreeee. *kisses

Third, to my family and my friends. The one who always give me advices as much as jokes and humor. They're the ones who wont let you down alone. I can't say that I've been a good friend.. There are times I feel like don't care about anything and angry or even *sorry, father* envy them. But as soon as I think about that I know I was wrong. So thank you all for always encourage me and thanks for the time, the support> I love you all *big hugs

Okay, enough for the touchy part,
Yesterday I spent the countdown just like what I've always been doing for the past years, staying at home. Yeah-I feel kind of nerdie abt this .___. But this year I've got company *blush Thank you so much for accompany me babe :*

I hope this year will bring us more and more fortune. And bright future. And of course a better self ;)
Big hugs everyone!

Thanks for reading!
- Irene


Early Christmas Cookies

Ho ho ho! ;)

Christmas is near. I smell joyful and happy feelings everywhere!
Yup, Christmas is very near now.
In Indonesia, it's tomorrow, so we'll have Christmas Eve tonight ;) time to spend it with our loved ones.

Pardon me for another food post, I just can't help, with this holiday atmosphere flowing.
And guess what, this is the first time I've ever made cookies.
Got the recipe from Gimme Some Oven *again and turned out this is the best cookies I've ever made. Of course *roll eyes

Made this for a Christmas Gift to Mr. Boss right there. *poke poke
I'm just so romantic. *ha ha.

Happy Christmas!
May the joyful feelings and the magic of Christmas blessed you and your loved ones. Cheers!

Thanks for reading.
- Irene


Yes I'm a Brownies fan!

Hello again!
Back with another food post. Yumm.

I had couple of free hours last week and decided to make something sweet. I haven't touch my oven since maybe two, three months? And definitely miss my kitchen stuff D: And I was thinking, I have a bottle of Baileys at home, so why not make some brownies? And here it is!

I got the recipe from gimmesomeoven - Found another great site for cooking!

You know, the thing about sweets is, you can never get enough. RIGHT?
I ended up biting and munching until the very last bite. *Uh-oh*
Baileys + brownies = Killing Fatty machine!

What do you think? ;)

Thanks for reading!


August 17th, '13

For some of you who doesn't live in Indonesia, maybe 17th August is just an usual day. But in Indonesia, it's our Independence day! For me? It's another my very, very big day in a year: My hubby's birthday!

Saturday, August 17th.
Well I kinda freaked out about the preps, since I haven't done anything except for window-shopping his gift.
*Should I make cupcakes, or cake? Chocolate or cheese? When should I buy the gift? Does he gonna like it?* Etc, etc, etc. The next big surprise is, because our Independence day was on Saturday, that means we had extra weekend holiday. His family were planning on spending his birthday at Batu. Short two-days escape. And he asked me to go with him and his fams, along with my lil' bro too. How can I say no, with that puppy look? *sigh

Long story short, I managed to keep everything done just in time! We went on saturday morning, so I tried to finish everything on Friday (luckily I don't have any lecture on friday, so I can focus on preps.) My plan was fixed: 1. Chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting and some Oreo toppings; and 2. Creamy Fettuccine Carbonara with smoked ham. He looooovvvesss those. Well basically he just loves to eat anything :p
The cake went smoothly. The pain-in-the-ass problem is.. The frosting! It turned out so buttery.. Almost like water bath. And I'm like whaaaaat? Sh*t.. Bla,bla, bla, I did everything I can to fix the frosting, and in next 2 hours, the cake was finally done! yeaaay! It's already 9pm or so, and I'm very tired.. But I went to bed thinking about my cake and I couldn't believe that I really can make one :') It's my first time.

Next morning I cooked the Fettuccine (well it's for substitute for noodles. Chinese's tradition: you have to eat noodles on your birthday, so you can have a long life.) No problem because I made it several times before. Packing, packing, preparing, etc, then We started our trip!

Arrived at Batu, at Singhasari Resort as our Hotel. It was a very good place to stay. Warm and friendly and refreshing. And the food is quite good, too. Passed our afternoon with walked around the resort. took pics, and even spent some time swimming ;)

My hubby, his big sister and my lil bro.

I really love this gazebo!

Later on night we found the perfect spot to take pics and brought the cake along, so he can blow the candle birthday ;) 
Really hoping your years ahead will be more awesome. And success. Loveyouuuuu :*

The birthday boy :*

Sunday, August 18th
Woke up 5am to a very beautiful sunrise. We decided to take a little walk. But the air was so cold.. I'm freezing!

Another thing: there's a wedding chapel here on the resort. My room balcony was facing right to this chapel.

Got hungry, so we ate a few bites ;)

After breakfast, we were getting ready for our next stop: Eco Green. Yay! After finished packing we took some selfies around the hotel ;)

There's a bar there with a unique and beautiful interior, take a look:

Time to leave this beautiful resort! Headed to Eco Green ;) But we stopped at KUD Batu to drink some milk. Do you know that Batu has a veeeery delicious milk? It's a must-try.
Arrived at Eco Green!

Eco Green has everything you have to know about nature. Animals, Environments, Places and twc, with entertainments. t's a very unique place to explore! You're gonna need a looong time because you have to walk from one place to another. But it's worth it!

There's also a photobooth are, where you can take pics with the lovely parrots! These birds are soo cute.

It's an eagle, everybody. And he's so heavy!

And there's this place I love most <3

Last selfies ;)

What do you think, fellas? :)

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Long time no talk! Miss miss you :*

I know, it's summer holiday, so I should've write here more often, you say? 
Ha, that was what I thought two months ago, but I decided to.. I'd say it 'do something for the first time'. *smirk
Okay, where should I begin?

I finally managed to keep my online shop active. Ta-daaa congrats to myself ;) It's one of the best reason why I couldn't post here weeks ago. Hardwork takes sacrifice, right? :) So, if you're interested or looking for some new and lovely accessories with a very affordable price, please sneak a peeeek <3
Just click here: Violette Lady Accessories

I'm selling Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Watch and Headpiece, such as Snapbacks!
Hoping supports from you all! Mind if I ask to hit the 'Like' button? Thankyou much :*

My internet connection is way too horrible. I mean, it's my holiday, yet you still annoy me? No one, no, nothing can disturb me for enjoying (lazy-ing) my free days. It just upset me so much to open my laptop, and suprisingly today I found my connection seems a little bit friendly for me. *After some swearing and sighing and sleepy eyes waiting the pages to open*. Lovely, isn't it?

Since my internet is hopeless, I spent more time on books. Been a loooonggg time since I really can enjoy reading without being chased by deadlines. Relieved! ;) Last book I've read: The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan.
Awesome. Talk to you later about the review :p

I've been so busy last august. (AUGUST! My Best month of the year! *Yeaayy*) So many stories to tell. From preparing my hub's bday until my birthday surprise :) Soon!

What about you? Tell me more about your days :D
Will reply left comments, see ya for now! ;)

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"You're a Wallflower."

          "You see things.
          And you understand. 
          You're a wallflower." -  Patrick

Have you ever seen a movie, which is so heartfelt and warm,
and you couldn't stop to think about life, and so on?
Well, yesterday, I was.

          "So, this is my life.
          And I want you to know that I'm both happy and sad 
          And I'm still trying to figure out how could that be." - Charlie

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) a film directed and based on the critically acclaimed novel by Stephen Chbosky. Fifteen-year-old Charlie (Logan Lerman) is about to begin his freshman year of high school. He told his story by writing letters to anonymous stranger, because he's alone, he's only friend committed suicide months ago, and he has this mental illness about seeing visions. His closest relative was his aunt, who died in a car accident when he was seven.
Later he tried to make friends with two seniors - Sam (Emma Watson) and her stepbrother Patrick (Ezra Miller). They welcome Charlie to their group, and introduce Charlie to many experiences with his new friends. He soon has a romantic feeling for Sam, but he believes that he has no chance with her. After a while, Charlie begins to learn about new things in life. He has friends who help him through life. He learns about love. But he also keep seeing visions about the day her aunt died in a car accident. And there's one point when he just couldn't face it, not at all.

          "Why do I, and everyone I love, pick people who treat us like we're nothing?"
          "We accept the love we think we deserve."

It amazed me how Logan Lerman (Charlie) act in the movie. You can believe that he is a typical-strange-home-boy-for-life at the first sight you saw him on his first scene. He makes everyone swim around with Charlie's mind. Pure, smart, but lonely. And what I love more about this film is how fast it can bring your emotions up and down. I got teary several times, and cried a little bit. Yes, it was that good.
I got so caught in those emotions.. Concerned? Sad? Moved? I don't know, they're coming altogether at once.  

At some point, there comes a time in your life that you will be on your lowest. And thinking that you don't have any friends to help you through that, not even your family - it kind of feel depressing to me. Well, the thought of it actually scares me. And that's why I can see the way Charlie feels. It must be really, really hard. 
I'm saying this not because it was just in a movie - But there are real people like him. Kids who's struggling through all bullies. How easy they think about suicide and ends their life, because they couldn't take it anymore. It's just not right. :(

Anyways, this one is a movie you shouldn't miss. LIKE, WATCH THIS IMMEDIATELY.
They can change  your perspective of life. Try it ;)

          "I can see it.
          This one moment when you know you're not a sad story. 
          You are alive. 
          And you stand up and  see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. 
          And you're listening to that song on that drive with the people you love most in this world. 
          And in this moment, I swear..

          We are infinite." - Charlie

Thanks for reading!