August 17th, '13

For some of you who doesn't live in Indonesia, maybe 17th August is just an usual day. But in Indonesia, it's our Independence day! For me? It's another my very, very big day in a year: My hubby's birthday!

Saturday, August 17th.
Well I kinda freaked out about the preps, since I haven't done anything except for window-shopping his gift.
*Should I make cupcakes, or cake? Chocolate or cheese? When should I buy the gift? Does he gonna like it?* Etc, etc, etc. The next big surprise is, because our Independence day was on Saturday, that means we had extra weekend holiday. His family were planning on spending his birthday at Batu. Short two-days escape. And he asked me to go with him and his fams, along with my lil' bro too. How can I say no, with that puppy look? *sigh

Long story short, I managed to keep everything done just in time! We went on saturday morning, so I tried to finish everything on Friday (luckily I don't have any lecture on friday, so I can focus on preps.) My plan was fixed: 1. Chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting and some Oreo toppings; and 2. Creamy Fettuccine Carbonara with smoked ham. He looooovvvesss those. Well basically he just loves to eat anything :p
The cake went smoothly. The pain-in-the-ass problem is.. The frosting! It turned out so buttery.. Almost like water bath. And I'm like whaaaaat? Sh*t.. Bla,bla, bla, I did everything I can to fix the frosting, and in next 2 hours, the cake was finally done! yeaaay! It's already 9pm or so, and I'm very tired.. But I went to bed thinking about my cake and I couldn't believe that I really can make one :') It's my first time.

Next morning I cooked the Fettuccine (well it's for substitute for noodles. Chinese's tradition: you have to eat noodles on your birthday, so you can have a long life.) No problem because I made it several times before. Packing, packing, preparing, etc, then We started our trip!

Arrived at Batu, at Singhasari Resort as our Hotel. It was a very good place to stay. Warm and friendly and refreshing. And the food is quite good, too. Passed our afternoon with walked around the resort. took pics, and even spent some time swimming ;)

My hubby, his big sister and my lil bro.

I really love this gazebo!

Later on night we found the perfect spot to take pics and brought the cake along, so he can blow the candle birthday ;) 
Really hoping your years ahead will be more awesome. And success. Loveyouuuuu :*

The birthday boy :*

Sunday, August 18th
Woke up 5am to a very beautiful sunrise. We decided to take a little walk. But the air was so cold.. I'm freezing!

Another thing: there's a wedding chapel here on the resort. My room balcony was facing right to this chapel.

Got hungry, so we ate a few bites ;)

After breakfast, we were getting ready for our next stop: Eco Green. Yay! After finished packing we took some selfies around the hotel ;)

There's a bar there with a unique and beautiful interior, take a look:

Time to leave this beautiful resort! Headed to Eco Green ;) But we stopped at KUD Batu to drink some milk. Do you know that Batu has a veeeery delicious milk? It's a must-try.
Arrived at Eco Green!

Eco Green has everything you have to know about nature. Animals, Environments, Places and twc, with entertainments. t's a very unique place to explore! You're gonna need a looong time because you have to walk from one place to another. But it's worth it!

There's also a photobooth are, where you can take pics with the lovely parrots! These birds are soo cute.

It's an eagle, everybody. And he's so heavy!

And there's this place I love most <3

Last selfies ;)

What do you think, fellas? :)

Thanks for reading!

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