Long time no talk! Miss miss you :*

I know, it's summer holiday, so I should've write here more often, you say? 
Ha, that was what I thought two months ago, but I decided to.. I'd say it 'do something for the first time'. *smirk
Okay, where should I begin?

I finally managed to keep my online shop active. Ta-daaa congrats to myself ;) It's one of the best reason why I couldn't post here weeks ago. Hardwork takes sacrifice, right? :) So, if you're interested or looking for some new and lovely accessories with a very affordable price, please sneak a peeeek <3
Just click here: Violette Lady Accessories

I'm selling Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Watch and Headpiece, such as Snapbacks!
Hoping supports from you all! Mind if I ask to hit the 'Like' button? Thankyou much :*

My internet connection is way too horrible. I mean, it's my holiday, yet you still annoy me? No one, no, nothing can disturb me for enjoying (lazy-ing) my free days. It just upset me so much to open my laptop, and suprisingly today I found my connection seems a little bit friendly for me. *After some swearing and sighing and sleepy eyes waiting the pages to open*. Lovely, isn't it?

Since my internet is hopeless, I spent more time on books. Been a loooonggg time since I really can enjoy reading without being chased by deadlines. Relieved! ;) Last book I've read: The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan.
Awesome. Talk to you later about the review :p

I've been so busy last august. (AUGUST! My Best month of the year! *Yeaayy*) So many stories to tell. From preparing my hub's bday until my birthday surprise :) Soon!

What about you? Tell me more about your days :D
Will reply left comments, see ya for now! ;)

Thanks for reading!

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