'The Side of Me Nobody Knows'

Tonight I spent my free time wandering through blog-sphere where suddenly I came into this:

Call me a child or whatever, I love such games! Especially when I'm playing with my friends, tease one girl/guy while we have evil smirk on all of our faces - hahahahaha. Forgive me but, I just can't resist to tease people. *Sometimes* Actually, who don't? :D 
Okay, okay, I'll just start the game now.

Today's topic:
Friday January, 10:  “The Side of Me Nobody Knows” – write down 2 or 3 secrets that no one knows about. Mix it up and write two secrets and a lie and make your followers guess the lie!

Oooh this is going to be fun. *smirk

I once had a tattoo on my left wrist. A typography one, in french language.

When I was five, my lifetime wish is to be Princess Ariel on The Little Mermaid.

I accidentally confessed to my first love on 7th grade and got rejected right away. *cry

Okay. Now, WHICH ONE IS A LIE? ;)
Just guess and I'll tell the truth on my next post. Hahaha.
For you who want to participate in this game, click here for the complete guide :p

Thanks for reading!
- Irene


Seconds Past Twentyfourteen.

Heyho. This is another thoughtful post. I hope you don't get boring because of my babbling. *;)
As you know we've only past seconds away from 2013! Another year has passed.
How do you feel, fellas? Is it a good year? Or no? But I always believe that everything happened for a good reason. No, our Father in heaven put everything right there for a reason :) Okay, now I feel wise. Or maybe feeling older all of sudden...

In this special post, I want to say that 
Firstly, Father in heaven, I know I'm not a good child. I had times when I'm too selfish to think that you've abandoned me. Like I'm lack of blessing because of my fam's problem. And this and that. I always say 'please' more than 'thank You' in all my prayers. But wow, You never fail to amaze me. You make me realized that little by little, you've walked the path of my life with me, even carry me sometimes in my worst days. Thank You for this beautiful life you give me, and sorry for not grateful enough for it.

Second, to the boy who can stay this long with me. I've been a brat, very-spoiled brat, and sometimes do stupid things that always make you sad.. It broke my heart, you know.. To make someone who's closest to you sad. Just sorry. Thank you for always forgive me. Thank you for teaching me a lot of things and to stay be my side until now. And mostly thanks for countless big smile you put on my face. I love you even moreeee. *kisses

Third, to my family and my friends. The one who always give me advices as much as jokes and humor. They're the ones who wont let you down alone. I can't say that I've been a good friend.. There are times I feel like don't care about anything and angry or even *sorry, father* envy them. But as soon as I think about that I know I was wrong. So thank you all for always encourage me and thanks for the time, the support> I love you all *big hugs

Okay, enough for the touchy part,
Yesterday I spent the countdown just like what I've always been doing for the past years, staying at home. Yeah-I feel kind of nerdie abt this .___. But this year I've got company *blush Thank you so much for accompany me babe :*

I hope this year will bring us more and more fortune. And bright future. And of course a better self ;)
Big hugs everyone!

Thanks for reading!
- Irene