X'celent Crew 3rd Birthday

Well well, the Christmas atmosphere is everywhere! 
December is always a very sweet month that enjoyed and delighted by everybody, don't you think?
And in the middle of December, just a few weeks before Christmas, is the birthday of my best besties ever,
X'celent Crew!

Made this for this special day ;)

You know, time flies really fast. We always grew up too fast, sometimes not knowing which path we should take, or even made a terrible mistake that keeps haunting us for days -- 
But despite of it all, you always have that one friend - who encourage you when you're asking for advice, who will answer your calls when you're calling them for help, who will sit in silent and listen carefully to your thoughts when you have a problem, but at the same time not afraid to tell you how you've been wrong all those times.

To me, these are my true friends.

We fight a lot, miscomunicate often, well; that's okay. We didn't gather much because our busy days. We lost members. We didn't talk to others as much as we were. But these, these made we grew into who we really are.
In the end, they who stand here until now, until this very second, are what I can proudly call my true friends. My second family. :)

So I don't think if we're just a little group, or if we don't meet too much, but with them I can share everything - without over-thinking that they may stab you behind your back.

Here's some photos from our little dinner party --
at The Range, Golf Graha Family & Country Club, Surabaya.
Look at how BIG the pizza was.

The Ladies

Me ;;)

Kevin - Jennifer - Me - Dewi - Wen - Guen - Polo
So here's a toast for another year of X'celent - May the upcoming years tighten our friendship!
I really LOVE YOU GUYS! :*

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  1. happy anniversary to you and your friends!



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