When God made you, He must've been thinking about me..

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Just one post before my book-review, okay? ;)

Last saturday, I attended my family's wedding party, ko Daniel and ce Adelina 's Wedding. The Reception was held at Grand Royal Ballroom, Kertajaya Indah Regency. I have to admit, this is the most romantic wedding I've ever been.

"80 months have been passed, and the sweetest moments are yet to come."
You can see the love they share when you entered the building. At one of the corner of the entrance, there's a big frame contains a lot of movie tickets from movies they've watched since they're officially in a relationship. There are sooooo many of them, I simply can't count them one by one.
The party started when the groom came in to the party room while singing a song. Then the bride came from the opposite direction, singing along with the groom. And then they met in the middle of the room, singing the song with looking straight to each other's eyes.. very beautiful. After the song finished, the The Master of Ceremonies came along. They chit chat-ing for a while and then calls all people in the room to stand up and make a toast for the married couple. And the dinner is served.

The Menu. Nomnom :9

While eating the dinner, there were some special videos about The Journey of Love from the happy couple. The first video, is about how they met for the first time. It was a very funny animation video! The second video was about the marriage proposal. The video was so damn romantic, and sweet! Especially the groom. To propose her girlfriend, he made this video for her. He made a marriage proposal by standing in places they met while holding papers like this, "This is where I saw you for the first time", "This place, when we finally start ur love life", and ended with, "Would you marry me?" "I just simply can't live without you." and there were a lot of people who holds the same papers: taxi drivers, cashiers, ice cream sellers, waitress and waiters, and many more. Everyone in the room was holding their breath, looked speechless and moved. I almost cry! Then the video ended, as hundreds of clapping hands echoing all over the room.

She's so lucky, to find a boy who loves her truly from the heart, with all of his life. She's the one and only girl for him, because no other girls has ever stolen his heart. His first love, is the last true love he'll ever need. I couldn't ever imagine what will I be when it comes the time to marry someone. Somone who will love me truly for who I am. Who is he? Or maybe .. Have I found him yet? Well, I'm not an expert in love. Yes, I'm happy with my boy now, but there was the time when I was so weak, so .. delicate. And I don't even know who I was back then, when I was .. brokenhearted. It was the lowest level of me, ever, in my life. I kept crying every minute, crawled inside my sheets, wiping my tears with the memories keep flashing through my mind. I acted like a psycho or something. I didn't even know how to speak rightly. I've never been so quiet, never been so beaten.

But I know now, God will make everything beutiful in His time and His way. I realized now, if I didn't hurt so much like that, I would've never been this strong, insted I will end up being the same girl I was. But I didn't. I learned how to survive, and I learned the most important lesson: even the one you love the most will hurt you the most, too.
I'm happy now. The happiest of me, maybe. I have someone who will always stay right by my side, and I know he will always protect me, cheer me, talk with me when I have problems, someone who will accompany me when I'm alone, someone who will say 'I miss you' on his way to home after he drop me at my home. And someone who you know truly by the deepest lung of your heart, he will not, ever, let you go.

That's you, hubby :*
and I thank God every second in my life, because He has given you to me.

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