Finally, after a long thoughts and time, I made myself a blog.
Seems like my self-fussy-words can't hold it anymore. HahahaOr maybe because I haven't been done so much lately in this holiday, just wandering around home like a lost duck. But, whatever. ._____. Anyway, thanks for welcoming me to blogger! :D Sorry for the bad layout and so, I still find myself confuse about what to do next with my blog. *Still learning.

Lately I've been reading The Hunger Games Series to fill my hollowliday. Yes, yes, i'm a book-lover. Even a thousand of them can't get rid of my curiousness for reading another one. Now call me a bookworm.
I've read the first book from the series, The Hunger Games, months ago before the film even out in movies, but I can't find some time to read the second and the third book, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Been so busy lately with my college assignments. *sigh.*  But now I finally have any time I want to read them! Aww yeaaaah.

I'll make sure I finish them both before I make another post for you. Sorry for the bad grammar, by the way.

Ciao and have a good weekend, everyone! ;)

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