Tephi's Sweet 17th Birthday Party

Last night I attended a sweet 17th birthday party of my girl - Stephanie Hutani! She was a guitarist in my gospel band, we've been friends since I was in the 11th grade. She's on the same age with my sister, three years younger than me.
I hadn't been attending sweet 17th party for some time, so I feel a lil bit younger last night. Haha ironically I'm turning twenty this year.. TWENTY! Gosh, so old. Yet time still flies too fast.

The BEST news is.. I bought it, finally! My own camera :D
So here's some photo from the party last night!

Pisa Cafe's Bar

The fetucinne is everyone's fave - yum!

My sister ;)

Happy Sweet Seventeenth again, dear Teph!
All the best for yaaaa
Semakin alay :* Semoga cepet dapet jodoh! Hahaha. Loveyou! :*

Thanks for reading!
Irene ;)

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