The lovable August 20th!

Maybe for some of you, August 20th is just an ordinary day. Or maybe this year, it was a little bit special because it was on eid mubarak holiday, so you don't have to go to school, college, or work.
But for me, August 20th has always been my special day of the year. :)

Yes, it's my birthday!
So let me tell you about what happened that day ;p

August 19th, 2012
Okay. Day-1 before my birthday. I met my hubby by evening, and he accompanied me until night. He wanted to wait until it's 00.00 am, to greet me his Happy Birthday. Well, no one has ever done that for me, so, thankyou, huni
He waited with all of energy left, because the day before he didn't slept well, only one hour maybe :\ He had a sleepover with some of his friends. He barely can open his eyes, and just lay there on my bed looking so exhausted.. :'' I told him to go back to home but he just shaked his head. That means "No, I'll wait".
Tick Tock, it's 12 'clock, I asked him to go home and he agreed. Before he get in to his car, he said Happy Birthday to me. But what surprised me was, he opened his car trunk and took out a cake! So silly of him, he haven't lit the candle yet. So he lit out the candle, but when he stick the candle to the cake, they fell. the candle was too big, hahahaha. But it's okay, we hold the candle together, I made a wish and blew it all. We couldn't take any pictures because our hands were full. Sorry :p
Next surprise, he gave me my first present! *By that time I didn't know he prepared more than one gift for me..* He gave me a piggy pot! It's a pot that used for cooking, but it's very cute because it's shaped like pig. Actually I didn't have any single idea about that pot. We usually joked about a piggy pot, but I never take it seriously. He saw it the other day on a store, and he bought it for me. Oh :*
So there I was, blowing my first 19th Birthday cake and holding my first present.

August 20th, 2012
Your birthday day always feels so damn good to you. And that was what I feel that day.
I woke up with a big smile. *After what happened the night before, it's impossible for you not to smile like a stupid pig.* For today, I've planned to spend it with my boy. Just spend some time at home, since it's holiday. But my parents asked me to went somewhere with all of my sister-brothers, because they're going to taking care of my house.
Long story short, we went to Galaxy Mall with my boy, too. The mall was crowded, so we decided to went to TGA Bookstore. After half an hour maybe, suddenly my boy asked me to go out from that place. No, he insisted me to follow him. I was confused and absolutely had no idea why he wanted to go. I left my sister and brother, but I took my youngest brother with me.
We went to the parking lot. I kept asking "What's going on?" and "Where are we going?" and "Are we gonna leave my sister and brother here?" and "What are we doing now?" and "Please tell me." and so many more. But he just answered, "Just wait and see."
So we went up about, two or three floors and TADAAAA, my best friends were waiting there!
I was so surprised, I really didn't expect anything, like any surprises, because it was a holiday time, I thought they were on their vacation somewhere. 
They sang Happy Birthday and pulled out a cake. I close my eyes, made a wish and blew it.
Now's for the present time.. My hubby gave me a 'carton box?' and asked me to open it. 
And thankyou, he had wrapped it so strictly with tapes crossing all over the box and I couldn't opened it easily, I have to tear it with a little scream :\. Everytime you've done torn those, there was an another box inside it again, and again, and again, and it was full of newspaper pages, and tapes. And none of them were willing to help me .____. Maybe I spent about 15 minutes (or half an hour?) to open it. 
And when I saw what's the real present is, I just.. Couldn't say.. anything. They gave me a blackberry! Ohmy! Yes, they complain much about how hard to communicate with me -since I'm not a blackberry user, while most of them uses bb- but I never, ever, had any idea that they will give me this. I mean, it's expensive, and  it's.. I just can't say anythinggggg

So, THANKYOU SO MUCH, hubby, and 
Xcelent crew (Dewi-Mita-Guen-Jennifer-Stevania-Polo-Kevin-Vina-Wen)
I love you all ♥ :*
It means so much to me to feel such this loved :') You guys are the best. EVER.

Oh, and on the first day of college, my friends in DKV and GG:* give me a little surprise! This one was unexpexted too. 
Thankyou for the delicious cake, DKVers!

Thankyou, Lord, for giving me them in my Life.
Thankyou for Your kindness, for everyday I only living by Your grace.
And I hope in this 19th year in my life, I will be a better person for You and for people around me. :)

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