Happy Birthday, hubby ♥

Yes, yess! I told you before on my previous post, this month is my hubby's 19th birthday! :$
His birthday is on the same day with the independence day of my country, Indonesia. It's on August 17th :)
That photo above is a few things I gave to him for his birthday. No, I won't tell you what's inside the gift box :p Just guess! ;)

Before the H day.
So, first, the cupcakes. I planned to make a MADE BY ME cupcakes for his birthday cake, because I want to make it special. This crazy idea came out to me about, hmm, maybe one month before his birthday? I don't really remember. Why is it crazy, you say? Because I never made a cupcake before .______. My grandma is a pro for making cakes and cookies, but I rarely help her make those. So after the idea popped, I grabbed a piece of paper and started to think what kind of cupcakes will I give to him. Well, since my hubby loves oreos, I want to make him cupcakes with oreo toppings. And the result is set, I'll make a Oreo Cheesecake cupcakes :D Because I loove cheesecakes :p hahaha. No no, a year ago, on my birthday, he and my friends gave me an Oreo Cheesecake cake, and he loves it. That's why I think he'll love this one, too
I surfed the internet for the recipe. At that time I was really-really not sure if I can make those cupcakes or not, but I keep noted every ingredients and steps to make the cupcakes. Since I've never made a cupcake before, I planned to practice first. Aaaaand there goes the problem again: I don't have an oven! By 'oven' I means electric oven. At home there's only my grandma's old oven that she usually used to make cakes, it looks like a big box and you have to put it on a stove to heat them. So, yeah. You know how I feels, right?
But after a few thoughts, I didn't think it will stop me. The oven may be old, but it still working anyway. It's like it was screaming to me, Give me a chance! Thank God it's still on my holiday time, so one day I went and bought all the ingredients with my grandma, and made it at home. He didn't know it, of course :p
Well.. I think it was quite succeeded. Hahaha. It tasted like cheesecake, and smelled like cheesecake, so.. I guess I've made it! And I thought, If I can made it now, I can make it for his birthday, too. And there they are! Tadaaaa. Looking very yummy and delicious :9
And the little blue box with a ribbon on it? It's his birthday present :p Oh, and the squared box with a tie thingy on it is his birthday card ;)

On the H day.
I woke up at 8.30am, because I slept very late, about 2am in the morning :\ I stayed out all night to make the birthday card. Hahaha how romantic I am. He already fell asleep before 00.00am, so I just texted him my 'Happy Birthday'. Sleepyhead. Haha. After woke up, I took a bath and started immediately to make the cupcakes. It took me about 2 hours to finish it. Then I store them in my refrigerator.
At first I planned some surprise with his friend, but it didn't work. He end up came to my house, we went to his friend's house *with a little pursuasion, of course* and they gave him a cake. After then he dropped me back to my house, because I had to go to church.
After church, I went back to home and he picked me to dinner with his family. I gave him the cupcakes, and the gifts. He looked a little bit surprise :p Maybe he didn't even think I will made the birthday cake by myself. Got you♥ We went to Moi, a chinese food restaurant on Manyar. We joined his family there, and started the dinner.
Everything went quite well!

The birthday boy, Jonathan Juwono
With his family. Cousins, aunt, and grandma :)

I promise that wherever you may go,
Wherever life may lead you,
With all my heart, Ill be there too..

Once again, Happy 19th Birthday, hubby
Wish you all the best for your years ahead. I love you always :*

Oh, can you guess what day tomorrow is? Hahaha. I'll tell you soon!
Thankyou for reading! :)

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  1. seriously, aku pingin incip cupcakesnyaaa!
    kayak cookies and cream banget yaa *ngiler* :|

    Wulan Wu on http://bootsydoopsy.blogspot.com

  2. hahaha aku ae blom makan lann ;p
    soale cmn jadi 9 itu :p

  3. You are so sweet! :) The cupcakes turned out great, hope he appreciates what a awesome girl he has :)


    1. aww thankyouuu anni! I hope he is :$
      and I'm so loving your blog!
      those illustrations are awesomeeee ;)
      followed! :)

      Irene Angelina
      http://violettelady.blogspot.com :)

  4. Awesome pics!! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and following:) I follow you on GFC now!!:)



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